London Central Mosque
Visit the Islamic Cultural Centre and the central mosque which was opened in 1978. Its capacity is over 5 000 worshipers.
Balkerne Gate
Dating back to the 1st century AD, this is the largest Roman arch in Britain.
Vila Stiassni
A posh villa designed by Ernst Wiesner in early days of functionalism (finished in 1929). Now renovated and open to public.
Hampstead Theatre
Theater operating since 1959, however on its current location it was opened in 2003. It is well-known for supporting new writers.
Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre
Learn more about the Battle of Culloden. See the restored battlefield and an interesting exhibition about the event.
Nelson Monument
Devoted to Admiral Lord Nelson, the memorial offers magnificent views of the city.
Villa of Dušan Jurkovič
Finished in 1909, this villa belongs to most important secession sights in Brno. Build by architect Dušan Jurkovič as his own house.
London Beatles Store
Visit the only Beatles shop in London and discover all kinds of memorabilia as well as other merchandise.
Monument for Soviet Liberation of Hungary
The monument commemorating Soviet soldiers who liberated Hungary from Nazi occupation in 1945.
White Hart Lane Stadium
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. home stadium.
SKØG Urban Hub
Stylish café & bar in the centre of the city offering a variety of delicious drinks to choose from. You won't be ashamed of visiting – especially when you're a proud owner of a beard!
Eiffel Tower
The most iconic sight in all of Paris. Do not miss this iron lady known all around the world. The views from the top are breath-taking.
Louvre Museum
The most-visited museum in the world will enchant you with its rich historical collections (35,000 objects). Don't forget to greet Mona Lisa.
Big Ben
One of the main London landmarks. Clock Tower with 4 clock faces, a part of Westminster Palace.
Notre-Dame Cathedral
A true masterpiece of Gothic architecture, both on the outside and the inside. The reliquary holds many first-class relics. Do not miss.
Buckingham Palace
The majestic palace is the official residence of British monarchs. A must-see - do not miss the Changing the Guard ceremony!
An awe-inspiring sight and a gem. See the largest amphiteater used for gladiatorial contests with your own eyes – it’s a must when in Rome.
Triumphal Arch
This arch measuring 50 meters is dedicated to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.
Witness the beauty of one of the best preserved Roman buildings. The structure was rebuilt in the 2nd century by the emperor Hadrian.
Tower Bridge
This fascinating bridge is one of London's icons. The views from top are amazing and it's quite a sight to see the bridge open for ships, too.
Times Square
One of the best known squares in the world. Constantly bustling with life and a great spot for photos. A must-see.
Trevi Fountain
A stunning, elaborate Baroque gem of a fountain. This famous sight is a must while in the city. Beautiful even at night.